Bubel is an adventure that happened like all good things... by accident. Born from passion, with a reason.

It all started when Two textile engineers discovered a textile that had some incredible properties and shared this with two sports enthusiasts. They combined their passion for design with the necessity for a compact, highly functional material to create Bubel.

In a short 6 years, Bubel has spread from its humble beginnings in a warehouse in Spain, to cater to the needs and styles of people residing in more than 14 countries.

Bubel is now in Australia!

Bubel found Jack when he was traveling in Europe.  He loved using it while traveling as well as on the beaches at Bondi.

Being an active PT nothing could compare to the benefits of a Bubel. Loving it so much he bought in a good mate with an established distribution business and they went about securing the rights for Australia and New Zealand. Now you will find us both out  there getting the word out as to whey they need a BUBEL!


Bubel is the fusion of design, technology, functionality and passion.

Man or woman, 2 years old or 99, it doesn’t matter if you share our passion for coming and going, for winning or losing, for getting lost, for wanting, for refusing, for travelling, for standing out, for knowing, for risking, for being alive, BUBEL is for you, because you share our passion for life.

Bubel is the evolution of the conventional towel, like the computer to the typewriter, the MP3 to the Walkman.