Nanofiber Technology

Bubel is no ordinary towel (no Mircro fiber here), it uses a hi-tech Nanofiber textile that gives it excellent technical properties. 

(70% Polyester + 30% Polyamide) 



Superior Functionality

Bubel takes the humble towel to the next level. Like a shammy for humans that is soft to touch, super compact, extremely light-weight, highly absorbent and dries waaay faster than your traditional towel.

Whether you love the beach, hiking, hitting the gym, travelling, playing sport, even skydiving, there is a Bubel to suit everyone.

Express yourself with your very own style of Bubel.


Eco Friendly & Ethical

At Bubel, we take the environment and our ability to influence our impact on it, very seriously. We use environmentally friendly materials and never use solvents or PVC in the manufacturing process. Our packaging is always recycled, reusable and recyclable.

Bubel is designed and made in Barcelona Spain, nothing is outsourced offshore.